cum on u 3

check out King Bee (dickieslikewhoa) and Mrs. McRae's (lifeguardonduty) new community.

It is about perverted lyrics that are all original. I know all you can do it. You all have said a preverted rhyme once... So post it on this comm. Come and show us your talents.


It seems this place is dead... why don't you guys cum to a LIVE spot where you can tell you fantasies in rhythm and in verses... c'mon you guys... I know you want it! hehe!

This is for all of you perverts out there,,,,

So even though I am the only posting member of this community I am still going to tell storys!

Well this isnt exactly a sex story but it fits cause I said so

Today Stephanie and I drove to Tim Hortons and on the way back a man pulled up in a white mini van in the next lane and watched us scream in digust as he beat off....The funny thing is that this is the 3rd time this has happend to us....Word of advice don't go south of 15 mile on Gratiot because you could be masturbated at!

Heres to all you easy people out there.......

Hey! My name is Alexa and I am the creator of this community!

I thought this community up at work one day while reliving my many sexual experiances in my head. For some reason I have really weird sex.

So to start us off I am going to tell the ever popular Tim Hortons story.

I went up to CMU to visit my friend Jen for her Birthday. We started drinking around 4pm and I got pretty hammared. By 10pm I was hitting on anyhting that walked and had a penis. I met a guy named James and went back to his apartment with him. In no time I was having sex with a guy I didnt even know. Out of no where while he is humping me the guys asks "Do you like Tim Hortons, cause my mom owns 7 of them"........then he immediatly came. Now I am asking you what does one say to a comment like this during sex?!

If you could help me out or give me some insight please comment!

- Alexa
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